From Backyard To Party Space

Summer time is here and that means it’s time to beautify the backyard and get ready for all those weekend BBQ’s. Unless you are blessed with a green thumb or are best friends with your landscaper, your backyard will be in need of some much needed TLC now that winter is over.

Here are some simple tips on get your backyard BBQ and activity-ready:

1: Seating

Whether you have an acre of land or a small patio – you won’t be able to enjoy the summer sun without a chair. The great thing about seating is this is completely customizable. You can choose either single chairs like the very popular Adirondack or go for the lounge sectional

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2: Lighting

Just as lighting in important inside your home, it is just as important outside your home. You don’t want your party to end when the sun sets – so make sure to outdoor lighting in integrated into your design. Lighting can be as simple or as complex as your imagination allows; from paper lanterns, string lights, tikki torches and candles. If you are a big Christmas decorator, decorate your outside trees in white string lighting and leave them on all year round.

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3: Entertainment

Every BBQ/outdoor party needs some great entertainment. Now this doesn’t mean it’s time to get the disco ball out of storage but it does mean you need to put your thinking hat on and figure out what kind of entertainment you would enjoy on a regular basis.

Outdoor speakers and an IPOD or USB input is great for music.  A fireplace not only adds warmth and visual excitement but it’s great for making smores and even a faux campfire. If you are not a fan of fire, a koi pond or water feature is another great alternative – think Zen garden in the corner of your backyard. There are also great DIYs all over the internet for backyard games like Twister, Corn Hole, Tic-Tac-Toe, Dominos, Scrabble and even Bowling!

4:  Plants

If you are an avid gardener then your backyard is probably lush with flowers, herbs and colorful shrubs. But if you are limited in space then raised planting beds or plotting vases can be a great way to add life and greenery.

Using plants that are native in your area will ensure your garden is a self-sustaining community. Plus plants will be more adapt to weather extreme weather conditions and climate changes. This means no money wasted on a carful of annuals to renew your plant-life.

So now it’s time to enjoy your backyard, make sure to keep your checklist handy!

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The Perfect Summer Shade

As the warm weather begins to roll in, many homeowners look onto their backyards in horror at the damage winter has left on their outdoor spaces. Most backyards are the center of a family’s summertime fun. Whether you have a pool to cool off during the over-heated summer days, or a beautiful garden that all your neighbors are jealous of -spring is the time to clean up and revamp your backyard or patio area.


A great way to completely change the look of your backyard or patio is to add a pergola. Pergola’s not only offer shade but also a decorative touch to any outdoor setting. With lights, outdoor curtains and even climbing plants – a pergola can be the show-stopper statement in your outdoor space.

Pergolas comes in various shapes and sizes. While a general contractor (like our very own Jerry Burdi) can assist you in drafting and construction – if you are an experienced DIY-er, then a ready-to-assemble kit is in your near future.  The beauty of a pergola is in the customizable appearance and function. A pergola can be used to enhance an entrance, create a sitting area or enhance your garden.

While traditional pergolas have a crisscross effect – you can always space rafters and beams farther apart for a more modern look.

An avid gardener will love hanging baskets and planting vines to grow on their pergola for shade, privacy and function. If you are not blessed with a green thumb, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Adding outdoor curtains allows for extra shade, privacy and adds the illusion of a canopy setting. If you lean towards the artistic side, create privacy and shade with structural posts or artwork alongside the posts.

Allow the pergola to be the base of your creative expression.

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