Dress Up Your Coffee Table, Nightstand and So Much More…

Dressing up a coffee table or a console table is an opportunity to make a statement which guests can appreciate.  A vignette is a fancy word used to describe the beautiful placement of keepsakes, pictures and architectural pieces on a table top or any flat surface in your home. And once you know the rules, these beautiful pieces of décor are very simple to recreate.

There are 3 main elements to always remember – layers, varying heights, and varying sized objects

This graph demonstrates how simple it is to create a vignette. Using the 3 key elements of layering and gathering objects of various sizes and heights.

Make sure to…

  • Find the perfect place

While the most common placements are console tables, nightstands and coffee tables – in truth, any flat surface will do. Just remember, you are bringing the most treasured pieces of your home together. So placement should be wherever  you can enjoy it the most.

  • Grab your favorite mirror, piece of art or print

Choose this piece carefully. Both the colors and theme of your art piece will be the basis for your vignette and really dominate the composition. A helpful tip would be to choose this piece in coordination to the location of the vignette, the

  • Bring in a tall item

Use a lamp, vase of flowers, thin sculpture or something else (get creative) to give your composition some height.

  • Incorporate a stack of books or a tray

This is again to add some varying height to the vignette. Depending on where you place it, it can also hold smaller accessories (see next step) and even add a little bit of a layered feel to the composition.

  • Add an uneven assortment of smaller accessories

Small boxes, figurines, even candles will do in a pinch. This is really where you add some interest, bring in your personality, or customize for the holidays or themed parties.

  • Review and Edit

Step back from the vignette you’ve just assembled. Eliminate one or two of the small accessories you added (trust us, it’s not impossible to have a good-looking vignette with a lot of elements, but a simpler composition will seem cleaner, feel fresher and look better). Ignore all the previous rules and follow your instincts if you think the vignette needs more accessories, more art or anything else.

If all else fails, look at some pictures of vignettes for inspirations!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

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