Bathroom Organization to Save Your Home

A perfect bathroom is a combination of style, luxury and most of all function. Most homeowners struggle with creating or updating an existing bathroom to include storage for the wife’s makeup, the husbands facial essentials, the kids’ bath soaps, daily toiletries and cleaning supplies; all in a stylish and easy to find way.

Many will look at their bathroom and think “if only I had a bigger bathroom, then I could organize better”. But some of my favorite bathrooms have been those with the smallest square footage. The size of the bathroom is not important – don’t get me wrong it helps, but as they say, the greatest things come in the smallest packages.

Bathroom organization is about being creative as using unexpected places to create a grand storage space that not only functions but looks A-MAZ-ING!

The first and easiest way to create storage is acquiring a vanity with ample storage underneath. Most standard vanities in your bathroom have a single storage space with a double door opening. These often get turned into a “throw it and hide” space as you usually just toss things in and close the door to hide the mess. Obtaining a vanity with multiple drawers where you can separate your items by category will be a huge stress reliever when searching for a particular item.

Along with an enhanced vanity, why not use the space along your mirror or medicine cabinet. Most medicine cabinet spaces are notorious for being a messy dump ground. But by building storage shelves at an angle on both sides of the mirror it saves time and uses space ordinarily forgotten and unused.

Making your bathroom look elegant is the key to organization. Beautifully placed built-ins will not only enhance your space visually but you will also want to keep the storage unit nice and tidy. Built-ins allow you to showcase your style with colorful towels and baskets which can be handy for a family with multiple children or even overnight guests.

DJ’s Home Improvements is an award-winning design and build remodeling company. Vita and Jerry have been staples of the Franklin Square community for 30 years. As homeowners and business owners for over 21 years in Franklin Square, we are also members of the Franklin Square Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Sons of Italy, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, plus the National Kitchen and Bath Association and awarded Big50 in Remodeling. In 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 we have received the Contractor of the Year awards. Visit us at

DJ’s Home Repairs & Improvements, Inc. Nassau Lic. #H18C4240000 – Suffolk Lic. # 46377-H”

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