Tips on Aging In Place

Many of our projects come to fruition to serve the needs of the ever growing and changing family. A household grows or downsizes and incorporates young and old. That’s why remodelers stress the importance of right-sizing your home as well as incorporating Universal Design into your home to accommodate the needs of different age groups residing under one roof.

(below are some notes by Louis Tenenbaum)

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in Place is a housing and care option that integrates design, equipment, and services to provide the opportunity and ability to remain in the home of your choice indefinitely.

The Mechanics of Healing (10)photo © 2008 Nazareth College | more info (via: Wylio)
Aging in Place works best when people prepare their home environments in advance of accidents or injuries using Universal Design to preserve independence and create safe care environments.

Aging in Place relies on a comprehensive and dynamic management system to use human, financial, and medical resources efficiently.

Aging in Place preserves housing stock, fosters community continuity, and strengthens families.

Aging in Place empowers older citizens with Choice and Control, Dignity and Independence – the essentials of happier homes, better lives and more economical housing and care.

What should you do to Age in Place?

  • Take care of yourself FIRST.

Remodel your home to preserve independence and create a caregiver safe environment. Preparing your home results in reduced falls, allows earlier returns from hospitalizations and rehabs and safer and easier assistance from paid and informal caregivers.  This is all win-win because the benefits you appreciate also save healthcare dollars. Currently you have to make this investment in YOUR future. I hope subsidies and incentives will help out soon. Independent Showerphoto © 2007 Nancy Hugo, CKD | more info (via: Wylio)
Grab bars and railings are modest investments. Removing throw rugs costs nothing. More extensive remodeling also enhances your lifestyle and increases property value when done attractively and well. Maybe I should say win-win win!

Exercise. Wellness – combined cardio, strength and flexibility training is the single most important factor you control about your own future. Exercise is the key to falls prevention and falls steal dreams. The evidence is mounting but there is already enough. If you are not exercising 30 minutes three times a week get started. There is also good, but less clear evidence that brain exercise helps avoid the scourge of dementia.  Most communities help with training, testing and social exercise opportunities to get you started and keep you on.

  • Take a look at Aging in Place 2.0 to see what could lay ahead for us in Universal Design and Aging in Place.

My design and build company, DJ’s Home Improvements, has experience and success in remodeling homes with Universal Design and designing for the aging in place lifestyle.

* You can call DJ’s Home Improvements if you would like a consultation on your home improvement project at 516-775-8696, or visit to see other projects we have completed. DJ’s Home Improvements is a design-build remodeling company licensed in Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island New York.

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